Octopus Energy Comparison and Octopus Agile Calculator

Octopus Energy Comparison

This web app collects the data automatically each day from Octopus Energy using its public API. It then uses that data to perform calculations based on the data you add to the form. Rubbish in, rubbish out.

Tracker data for this script is now collected automatically from Octopus. And should be updated each day before 7am. I have also started collecting the data for the Gas Tracker tariff, also exceptional value.

See the wholesale prices for Electricity since 1st Feb 2020 and wholesale prices for gas since 5th March 2020.


Or see the calculations using Octopus Energy data for Tracker tariff: Octopus Tracker tariff calculator

If you find this page useful and you decide to switch to Octopus Energy use this link to switch and split £100 with me

Thanks to those who have already used this link to switch.

The default values used in this table below are my consumption for the year to 20th January 2021: I have consumed 6260 kWh in the year, and my podpoint charger reports that I have used 1500 kWh of that for charging my electric car.

Fridge and Freezer run as they require day and night. Clothes washing 8am or after 7pm. Dehumidifier to dry clothes runs when needed in winter 10pm-7am

Working from home computers run mostly 7am to 12 and 7pm to 9pm. This website runs on an Rpi 24/7 and consumes 8 watts. Security systems and cameras run 24/7 and consume 15 watts.

Update 24th Feb. We have now got our smart meters fitted by Octopus and have moved to Agile. Over the past month we saw a brief period of higher energy prices as cold weather moved down over Europe. However as the mild westerlies have returned wind generation has gone up and energy consumption has gone down. Last night I recharged my car at under 3p/kWh. We avoid using most electricity between 4pm and 7pm and most of our daytime consumption is in the rest of the daytime period. Today that will avaerage just under 10p /kWh. I am very happy with that!

Octopus Agile rates are updated every day at 5pm on this website

Scroll down to see chart of Agile prices

TariffDays in analysisCost of energy consumed in this periodEnergy consumed in this periodCost of standing charge in this periodTotal cost
Agile [default calculation car charging 1am - 4am] 365.0 £704.9067794999997154.000000002001 kWh. £76.64999999999999 £781.5567794999989
Octopus Go June 2018 365.0 £846.775545 7154.000000000002 kWh. 91.251825 £938.02737
Octopus Go Faster (5H from 2230) December 2019 v1 365.0 £904.4669339999999 7154.000000000002 kWh. 91.251825 £995.7187589999999
Octopus Tracker 365 £931.6236871268818 7154.000000000002 kWh. £65.21382 £996.8375071268817
Octopus 12M fixed Jan 2021365.0 £1221.1878000000002 7154.000000000002 kWh. £79.42399999999999 £1300.6118000000001
Igloo Energy for comparison Jan 2021365.0 £1206.7367200000003 7154.000000000002 kWh. £82.636 £1289.3727200000003

Scroll down to see the graph of agile rates

Graph of Agile rates for the period selected. Note times shown are GMT not BST

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