Octopus Tracker Calculator

Octopus Tracker tariff data for Gas and Electricity

This web app collects the data automatically each day from Octopus Energy .

There is no guarantee that these calculations are accurate in any way( but they do seem to agree with the figures published by Octopus)

Update 24th Feb. We have now got our smart meters fitted by Octopus and have moved to Agile. Over the past month we saw a brief period of higher energy prices as cold weather moved down over Europe. However as the mild westerlies have returned wind generation has gone up and energy consumption has gone down. Last night I recharged my car at under 3p/kWh. We avoid using most electricity between 4pm and 7pm and most of our daytime consumption is in the rest of the daytime period. Today that will avaerage just under 10p /kWh. I am very happy with that!

Or see the calculations using Octopus Energy data for Tracker tariff: Octopus Tracker tariff calculator

If you find this page useful and you decide to switch to Octopus Energy use this link to switch and split £100 with me

Thanks to those who have already used this link to switch.

The comparison green -saving / blue- more expensive takes the current prices for Igloo Energy Pioneer tarrif as a comparison, but note that Igloo has a higher standing charge

Octopus Tracker unit prices per kWh gas including VAT

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